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L'accès TSE direct est lent. Idée : proposer un accès NX, réputé plus rapide.

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Using VNC I can access Windows computers from my Linux desktop. Can FreeNX do that?

Yes, it can.

However, it does not done directly. NX clients need an NX or FreeNX server that acts as a proxy. The (Free)NX proxy can then relay the NX session to a nearby VNC/everything or RDP/Windows server.

Over low bandwidth/high latency links (like a 56k baud dialup modem), this is usable and way faster than trying to directly access a remote host via vncviewer or rdesktop.

NX and FreeNX proxies/servers can run on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

The Windows NX client ships including an X server that provides the Xdisplay. The Linux/Unix NX clients use the native Xdisplay of their hosting OS. The "nxdesktop" part of the NXserver-proxy is a modified and improved derivate of "rdesktop" and takes care of the "RDP <--> NX" protocol translation.


Kurt Pfeifle (FreeNX Developer Team, KDE Project Contributor)

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